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  • How To Learn Million-Dollar Lessons On Business And Life For Free!

    You can visit my blog: You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel for free. You can follow me on TikTok at bruceseah1 for free. You can visit my facebook page at bruceseah. Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream! Bruce SeahAsia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach P.S. To Be Successful, You Must Do What Successful […]

  • “How To Earn $500 In 25 Minutes In Singapore!”

    We live in a very skeptical world and many people are held back by their doubts and fears! Let’s get real, of course, it is not going to be every 25 minutes! In a day you may be able to set up a few 25-minute presentations. Because it is an irresistible offer, your chances of […]

  • 0101010101

    Curiosity got you to this page, isn’t it? You want to know what 0101010101 is all about? 0101010101 represents the life cycles in our lives, we have our ups and downs, we have our good days and bad days, good years and bad years, we have our days and nights, it is the ying and […]

  • “A Great Way To Work Smart Every Day!”

    Every day share with two persons this great global opportunity and financial freedom will come your way! Two persons a day, in 30 days that is 60 people a month, in 12 months, that is 720 people! This business is driven by leaders, all you need is a few good leaders to help you achieve […]

  • Get inspired! There are over 2,000 blog posts at

    Yes get inspired! Over 2,000 blog posts that will inspire you, give you great ideas, and full of thought-provoking questions that will help you live a better and happy life! Go to

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  • “HOW TO BE RICH – A Report You Wish You Have Read When You Were Younger!”

    Yes I wish I had read this report that I am writing when I was younger! Time and tide wait for no man, 5 years pass by like the blink of an eye! I am writing this viral marketing report to help my team build a global business in 110 countries, it is copyrighted but […]

  • Death is certain but the time of death is very uncertain…

    When you are aware of how vulnerable you are and the certainty of death and the uncertainty of when it will happen will definitely make you treasure the precious time you have with your loved ones and friends. I lost five good friends suddenly because they all died of a heart attack. I know of […]

  • Shut Up! And Listen Well!

    Common mistake most people make is to have a chattering mind and not staying silent and using a very important skill which is to listen intently to what is being said. When someone shares something with you, focus on what he is trying to say to you: his message? Does it makes sense? Do you […]

  • If You Are So Smart Why Aren’t You Rich?

    I have posted this thought-provoking question to make people think! Dr Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Laurette, was interviewed in London by a journalist and he asked him, “Doctor, what’s wrong with men today?” Dr Schweitzer, pause awhile and answered, “Men simply don’t think.” If you looked at the mess the world is in right now you […]